After being exposed and getting her mom fried from “instagram flexing” the first time, you would think she learned her lesson….

HU Staff: Jeroslyn Johnson @jeroslyndiva The exposed 9-year-old social media star Lil Tay is preparing for a comeback as a new character according to her manager.  ____________________________________________________ TMZ caught up with Lil Tay’s former manager Alex Gelbard in L.A. on Tuesday and asked him about the current status of her career after it was revealed that the 4th grader was being exploited by her mother and older brother in order to achieve social media stardom.  ____________________________________________________ However, despite being exposed for her fraudulent flossing on Instagram, Gelbard says Tay will be back with something “unique” and different from what the flex rapper was originally known for. ____________________________________________________ Read more at, link in bio.

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….apparently not